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Massage Chair as a Business Idea

A massage chair is a good investment wherever you wish to install it; be it in your home, office, or a place of business like a spa, parlor, or really any place where the customer has to wait for treatment or service by sitting. You might often be told that a massage chair is not only a long term investment in terms of how you are spending your money – regularly on massage therapy appointments or once on a massage chair – but it is also an investment into your well being and health; both physical and mental. While this is exceptionally true as massage chairs can alleviate back pain, tension in the neck and shoulders, and can even work their way down to your legs and feet, and not to mention their magnanimous mental health benefits, massage chairs can also be a great way to cash in some extra customers into your place of business. Let us brief you on some ideas you can employ and how to go about them.

What are the Massage Chair Benefits?

Of course if you go about this steadily and strategically, it can increase your customer base and thus your profit and reputation. We wish you good luck with your business idea and hope that a best massage chair will benefit not only you but everyone who sits in it.

Where can you incorporate a massage chair?

Massage chairs have already started to emerge as part of the furniture of beauty parlors and spas. You can even find them in cinemas as a snug line of recliners at the back of the hall for which you can purchase a ticket that’s slightly pricier than a normal ticket. Having visited beauty parlors which keep a massage chair in them for waiting customers, I can personally tell you that is not a bad experience from our point of view. It is relaxing and it makes one feel at home. This level of comfort is what adds to the other elements that make a customer want to go back to the place the next time around too. I have also experienced watching a movie on the big screen in a recliner and oh, how it complements the whole experience!

So the conclusion is this; having a massage chair in any place where your customer might be sitting for example an eatery, a bank, a travel agency, and other endless types of offices, would give a positive edge to your business and add to the whole service package which you are providing.

What sort of vibe should your place of business go for?

Make sure that you combine the massage chair addition to your business with the rest of the services that your business is providing. Create a business vibe and after/before sales service which ties together with the characteristics of including a massage chair. For example, be quick to serve your customers, be mindful of your customers’ wishes, and treat them patiently.

Should you charge more?

Once your customers start rolling in and you become sure that the changes to your setting are working, you can slightly increase the price of your services; not too obviously but just enough that your investment can start bringing in profits.

How to make Stage 1 baby food in blender

Preparing baby food using a blender is easy, cost efficient, and nutritious. You can give your baby the most nutritious, freshest food while avoiding packaged food containing preservatives. Moreover, using a blender saves you time and simultaneously offers the texture and consistency according to your baby’s needs and preferences. If you are willing to use the blender for preparing food for your little one, first of all you need a blender and for your ease you can find baby food blenders collection here and secondly you need to know the baby food recipes which you can easily find online that you can make with baby blender.

Step 1: Peeling the Fruits or Vegetables

Fruit peels could be hard for the baby’s digestion so begin with peeling the fruits and vegetables. The best raw fruits and vegetables to begin weaning with are banana, mango, avocado, papaya, plums, peaches, apricots, and spinach.

Step 2: Steam the Fruits or Vegetables (If not serving raw)

The above mentioned fruits and vegetables could be served raw to the babies however; some fruits and vegetables could not be served raw and require cooking. The best way to cook is steam as it locks the key nutrients which could be lost during the process of boiling and other cooking methods. The best fruits and vegetables that could be served to your baby after steaming include apples, pears, green beans, potatoes, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, parsnip, yam, turnip, broccoli, and cauliflower. Just peel and cut them in slices and put in a steamer basket on a pot of boiling water. Cook till you can easily stab a fork. Remove food and allow cooling at room temperature.

Step 3: Blending the Food

Add the ingredients to the blender jug and blend on medium speed until a smooth mixture is formed that has no chucks. 

Step 4: Serving or Refrigerating

Serve the prepared baby food to your little one after checking for the consistency. If the food is thick for your baby, you can add breast milk or formula milk to ensure the consistency is according to your baby’s needs and preferences. If you want to refrigerate the baby food, use small containers or partitioned trays and refrigerate the baby food in small servings. When refrigerating baby food put labels to show the date at which the food was prepared and the date till which it could be used.

The method discussed above was for making stage 1 baby food using a blender. When you start weaning, you must take care that you feed your baby a new food item and then wait for a few days before offering another. This would allow you to check for any allergic reactions to the specific food. Moreover, offer one food at a time and once you are sure about the food being safe for your baby than you can mix them.